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In those frantic moments as Jack strived to mount her I could see the glistening tip of his penis poking and squirting at her bottom in search of her sex.Cassie was panting harder and faster now as Jack gripped her hips with a savage intent and held her body tighter.She was very wet and ready for a good hard fuck.“Come up here, baby. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for rolled over on to her knees with her shoulders on the bed and her butt in the air. When he entered the room his tail was wagging and he began sniffing the air; I’m sure he caught the scent of Cassie’s sex.Turning her head to look at me she said, “Last time Jack fucked me when I was tied to the bed. Before I could say a thing she called out to him, “Jack! He looked at me then turned and looked at Cassie with her butt up in the air on the bed.As I finished nibbling on Cassie’s right nipple I could see she was feeling really good.She was gently rocking her hips up and down ever so slightly to meet the thrusts of an imaginary lover.“Come give me with that beautiful cock of yours.”This Animal sex story was exclusively written for jumped up on the bed and immediately stuck his nose in Cassie’s bottom.

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She also liked to use it as her foreplay toy of choice because its smaller dimensions easily penetrated and excited her while preparing her for more fulfilling stimuli.Animal Sex Stories-Cassie’s New Desires, Wife second time with her new lover The slim silver vibrator hummed and buzzed as I circled the areola on Cassie’s left breast.